Create relevant and impactful dashboards for an exact target audience in minutes with MyInfoMonitor

August 8, 2022


Our owner SpectrumOne has acquired the SAAS company with real-time visualizations and dashboard which will be merged with QBIM. We see great potential in our continued work to create innovative solutions. Together will we be able to deliver unique platforms for both existing and new customers with realtime data and advanced analytics.

My info monitor has three different solutions:

Illustrator is an innovative solution for quickly creating and sharing real-time dashboards and live infographics from data collected from any system.

DS is a digital signage solution for the corporate and industrial sector for centrally managing and running large format displays content to enable instant access to crucial information and insights in environments without the need for personal devices.

Web App Capture makes delivering the latest screen captures of any web-based applications to many viewers of digital displays securely and without the user having to wait for reports to generate or pages to load.

Illustrative dashboards are the most effective ones. Now you can draw them like you would create a PowerPoint presentation, but by breathing life into them by letting real-time data alter what is visible, how it’s displayed and when it’s displayed.